CONTOIL® fuel oil meters Catalog
Application Manual
To monitor the fuel oil consumption on board, today more and more
ship-owners install additional fuel oil meters for each diesel engine
through Differential Measurement.

CONTOIL ® VZOA fuel oil meters are popular for such application.

  • Customers includes world leading burners, boilers and booster module
    manufacturers such as : Aalborg, Saacke, Weishaupt, Oilon, Sunflame;
    Osaka boiler, Kangrim; GEA Westfalia, MAS, Auramarine, Kupke & Wolf ...

  • The first fuel oil meter fulfill and passed IACS requirement 100%

  • GL, DNV and LR approvals for use on board ships (option)

  • VZF II 15...50 range (Control) with mutifunctional display and adjustable outputs

  • VZO 4...50 range (Classic) with roller counter and remote transmission

  • VZFA II / VZOA 15...50 range for special applications

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